Day: January 19, 2019

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What is NLP

A lot of blogposts about NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming start explaining about the literal meaning of NLP. Neuro stands for your Neurology, Linguistics stands for … Not a bad way to start. Yet to keep things interesting, let’s start this blogpost a little different, at least differently as other blogposts have started. Ask yourself this question. ‘Were you born with a User Manual for your brain?’. Probably the answer is ‘No’. Once you were born out of your moms belly and the naval cord was cut, you where there. Two eyes, one nose. Two hands and five fingers each. You were planted on Mother Earth. On your own. And the remarkable fact is that you already knew that very moment how to make a sound, how to move your muscles, how to breathe, without a question. Your life has started.

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