Day: January 22, 2019

mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp the power of influence and seduction
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The Power of Influence and Seduction

In our coaching practice we receive a lot of questions about the power of influence and seduction. Well, let me be clear about that, the power of influence and seduction is never to be about to underestimate. From birth on we start to flirt around the world and influence by yelling and screaming when we need food, drink or other things. At that very moment we are not aware how we do it, but we manage to do it. We do know precisely how to tune in to mom and dad to get the things done at the frequency they act the fastest. At a sudden, as a grown up, we start to think all kinds of things with the goal we want to achieve. Troubling the outcome big-time. This article is about the twofold, influencing and seducing from the power within.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp responsible use of the meta model training
NLP Meta Model
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Responsible use of the Meta Model

Responsible use of the Meta Model is one of the foundations we learn people in our Trainings. As NLP as a technology constantly develops and evolves, we constantly update our knowledge by training at least once a year directly with the Society of NLP. It is critical to know the difference between asking questions to clarify your own understanding of someone else’s model, and asking questions to challenge their model. Even if I do, I always want to know when I have moved from one to another. Even if the line seems very gray, you can tell when you have made this shift. One mode is purely about gathering information and your subject will sense this. The other mode is about expanding and challenging their model of the world and this can be confrontational.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp leadership mirror neurons and behavior
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Leadership Mirror Neurons and Behavior

This article is about Leadership Mirror Neurons and Behavior. A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. The neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. Such neurons have been directly observed in various species. In humans, brain activity consistent with that of mirror neurons has been found in the premotor cortex, the supplementary motor area, the primary somatosensory cortex and the inferior parietal cortex. Many scientists believe they are important in imitation and language acquisition.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp life coaching
Life Coaching
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NLP Life Coaching

It will be nice if we have a personal NLP Life Coach. We all need that mentor, guidance counselor, outside advisor or personal life coach. First of all, your personal NLP Life coach helps you how to see the world around us. Many times we have our blinders on and can only see one small piece of the pie. Coaches have the ability to see things from 30,000 feet while the best you can do is live on the runway of life. Individual Coaching can add many benefits to your life. At Gateway to Knowledge we have specialists in Individual Life Coaching. Even the best in the world use coaches. Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Brett Favre and many others all have benefited from having individual life coaching. Many people do not even understand what it is. Individual Life Coaching is much different than counseling.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp meta program time
NLP Meta Program
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NLP Meta Program Time

First of all, remember that it is not important to work with definitions. We train with Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP. It is far more important to understand the concept of Time and NLP Meta Programs on a context level, than drilling yourself into hard-coded definitions. Our message is here: Learn to observe and to listen to your client. Time is something we as humans have made up. We made it up to measure the rotation of the earth. Various sources have declared various ways of how we came to the time as we use it now. In NLP we handle time in three big chunks of Time.

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