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NLP Ambiguities

In NLP Ambiguities come in a variety of flavors. Phonological Ambiguity, Syntactic Ambiguity, Scope Ambiguity and Punctuation Ambiguity. Ambiguity or vague usage of language, literally means lack of specificity. You can utilize these patterns by taking advantage of everything in the listeners experience. You can use both internal and external environments to support the intention of the speaker. While working with a client, the door to your working room mistakenly opens. Instead of getting frustrated and annoyed, you start to utilize your environment.

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mindtools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp milton model negative commands
Indirect Elicitation Patterns
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NLP Negative Commands

Do not think you are going to learn more in this great blogpost about NLP Negative Commands. Negative Commands are commands given in negative form. The positive instruction is generally what is responded to. A little example for starters to warm up. “Don’t think of pink elephants.” In this example you have to think about the color pink or an elephant, or both to understand what is being told. The explanation of what is happening here is fairly simple. Negation does not exist in the primary experience of sights, sounds and feelings.

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