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Oui Coaching

Natthapatch Danbenchaphan – Oui Coaching NLP Practitioner https://www.mindtools.co.th/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Oui.mov

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp meta program chunk size
Chunk Size
Mind Tools Co., Ltd.

NLP Meta Program Chunk Size

Do not bite-off more than you can chew is an old saying. The NLP Meta Program Chunk Size let’s you understand the hierarchy of it and as well how to recognize and use it. Let’s start with a description that will make you clear what the NLP Meta Program Chunk Size is all about. Imagine the Earth, the earth is divided by land and oceans. The land is divided by continents. Continents on their turn are divided by countries. A country has cities. Cities have roads and homes. One of those roads leads to your home. Your home has rooms. This room has stuff in it. At least this room has walls. These walls are made of something solid. This solid part contains carbon. Now if you agree or disagree your room has stuff in it, it is ok. The demonstration we make here is that there is a sort-order from world view up until the smallest particle we are able to recognize.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp meta model chunked up
Chunk Up
Mind Tools Co., Ltd.

The NLP Meta Model Chunked Up

Now you have learned all about the Meta-Model and how to learn more about the Deep Structure of people’s experiences, you will probably want to use what you know about the Meta-Model to help people find more behavioral options for themselves. This is a great intention and you are recommended you do so as you start to have fun with it already. Also remember that you are working with changing minds here. And this remark is meant in both ways. One – The minds you are working with will be changing all the time, almost just by virtue of your asking certain questions in certain ways. Two – you are working to directly change minds.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp mastering the meta model
Mind Tools Co., Ltd.

Mastering the Meta Model

Mastering the Meta Model will come only after you have learned about all the major patterns and begun to recognize them in the language people use at a conversational pace. It may seem or have seemed difficult to reach this level, but it does not need to be. Recommended is to make a conscious effort during your social conversations with friends and family, to recognize, not to challenge, as many Meta-Model patterns as you can. Start by intending to recognize only one or two patterns, consciously, in each conversation. Some people like to make flashcards with each pattern, which say “Today I am going to listen for Lost Performatives.” Eventually, try as you might to only pay attention to one or two patterns, you will be hearing more and more.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp meta program direction
Away From
Mind Tools Co., Ltd.

NLP Meta Program Direction

The NLP Meta Program Direction has two parts and is simple to remember. Language that is recognized as “Away From” and “Towards To”. To clarify this last statement, take a look at the following example: “I was suffering from a lot of pain, but now I sincerely become better.” In this sentence you are able to recognize a few things. “I was suffering” so the conclusion is that there is no or less pain now. This person, language technically seen, is moving away from pain. And, “Now I sincerely become better”. The conclusion you could draw here is that this person is moving towards a better health. So in working with Clients in Coaching for example, you are able to recognize the direction where this person is moving Away From and Towards to.

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mind tools personal development neuro linguistic programming nlp strategies
Mind Tools Co., Ltd.

NLP Strategies

NLP Strategies – Let’s start with NLP first. NLP is a meta discipline. That is, it is a discipline of disciplines. It is the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from that. Now a strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under certain conditions. For example, the specific strategy is traveling trough at least two representational systems. To remind you, the Representational System consists out of our Five Senses. Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory. Combining these two we come to NLP strategies. For example: You have learnt in our NLP Practitioner to use your five senses, to generate and maintain rapport. All useful tools to execute a strategy.

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