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NLP Deletion

The first part of the NLP Meta Model is Deletion. In NLP Deletion occurs when we selectively pay attention to certain aspects of your experience and not others. In NLP, Deletion means we overlook or omit certain sensory information. Without deletion, we would be faced with much too much information to handle in our conscious minds. NLP Deletion.

The first part of the Meta Model: Deletion

Deletion, the Information Gathering process, comes in NLP in four specific flavors:

To get yourself familiar with these terms, start to learn them in this sequence. Make them a rhythm, remember them in such a way that if I call you at night and ask you in the midst of your sleep “What means Deletion in NLP?”, you answer at least the correct answer “Simple Deletion, Comparative Deletion, Lack of Referential Index and the Unspecified Verb”. As you continue remembering, sleeping and dreaming of this first part of the NLP Meta Model, now! 

Deletion: Broken down into simple chunks of information

In the various pages following about NLP Simple Deletion, Comparative Deletion, Lack of Referential Index and the Unspecified Verb each topic have exercises in them. The proof is by eating the pudding as practice makes perfect. You are suggested to practice as much as you can. Start to consider that the world is your playground. Everywhere you are and are listening or part of a conversation, you practice your listening or speech skills by following the instructions step by step. Hence as NLP Deletions consists out of four parts, you are challenged four days. Only you decide if you stop practicing. After those four days you start to ally the gained knowledge in a broader perspective. NLP Deletion.

Last but not Least about NLP Deletion

Remember, to increase your efficiency as a NLP Practitioner, know your positive intention for the message you want to convey, build rapport and pay attention on what and how you use language. Leave people and business in a better place that where you found them, every day! NLP Deletion.

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