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Mind Reading

Mind Reading is the process of acting like you know what is going on in the brain of the receiver of your message. In this article we will explain you what Mind Reading is, provide you some examples of Mind Reading and provide you some exercise with Mind Reading. Let’s do some Brain Gym!

I know, you know you have already learned a lot about Mind Reading in the Meta Model. Mind Reading is the phenomena where you act as if you truly know what is going on in the listeners head. Statements you send the person that you are communicating with into a mild form of confusion at the conscious level. They will ask themselves: “How to they now, I know?” It creates a bit of confusion. And as a result the conscious mind is given something to think over. That is exactly you want to achieve. Make the conscious mind busy to seep in instructions to the unconscious mind. Now you reading this will think: “Is it that easy?” Yes it is!

Some examples of Mind Reading

I am sure you already got one example at the start of reading this article:
  • I know you know …

How do I know you know? I just simply can’t know. I cannot crack open your skull and analyze what thoughts you are having. Or even worse: I do not have the psychic abilities to read your mind.

Let’s take a look at another example of Mind Reading:

  • I am sure you are aware you are reading another example of Mind Reading right here.

Now in this example your mind probably goes: “How do you know I am aware of that?” And “Am I aware of that?” Last but not least,”Is this statement true for me?” So as you see, utilizing Mind Reading will cause a lot of interactions in the receivers brain. Very powerful techniques to give the conscious mind something to chew on while you start providing other instructions to the unconscious mind.

  • I know you know you will start to relax deeply and come up with some excellent ideas that help you generate a lot of examples.

And of course some exercise with Mind Reading

Take the examples above and write down 100 more examples. Make it a rhythm, make it a habit.
Another exercise is to focus on your next-coming conversations with friends. And now I know you have already done the previous exercise, you will have a lot of fun observing their reactions. Remember to maintain rapport, read body language and watch eye-accessing cues.
Have fun reading our articles about Semantic Ill-Formedness, the Inverse of the Meta Model and the NLP Milton Model and the exercises we provide you here online.

Last but not Least, you know ...


Remember, to increase your efficiency as a NLP Practitioner, know your positive intention for the message you want to convey, build rapport and pay attention on what and how you use language. Leave people and business in a better place that where you found them, every day! Now you have learned about Mind Reading, you already know how powerful this pattern is. Practice it, use it and apply Mind Reading in your hypnotic inductions.

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