NOVEMBER 2024 BANGKOK - Thailand



Ask yourself: “Who is driving the bus?” Master Skills and Techniques that positively transform how you think and feel. 

Learn how to create freedom, joy, and wealth in your life.


Natthapatch Danbenchaphan and Niels Ammerlaan are your NLP Master Trainers personally trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP.


This NLP Master Practitioner Training may cause unexpected happiness, joy, pleasure and wealth. Consult us directly if you are unsure how to handle it.

The NLP Master Practitioner Training develops your mastery of the creative and innovative applications of NLP by giving you an in-depth understanding of the NLP’s principles and methodology. We continue where we left off.

What you will learn

  • An NLP Story, How this Training works.
  • NLP criteria introduction – Values based coaching, drivers for motivation and goals Coaching with values, beliefs and attitudes
  • Values formation Eliciting values
  • Using values to gain clarity, and direction
  • Values and persuasion
  • NLP Modeling – Replicating excellence, skills, and strategies
  • Group NLP modeling project Modeling project outcomes: Teaching excellence, skills, and strategies
  • Advanced submodalities – Coding of the brain causing emotional shifts
  • Detailed exploration of the coding of your brain
  • Eliciting submodalities
  • Shame pattern – Technique resolve deep rooted shame, an introduction to Nested Loops.
  • Grief pattern – Technique to resolve grief
  • Changing beliefs pattern – Technique to change limiting beliefs
  • Introduction to designing your own NLP patterns
  • Milton Erickson techniques for advanced submodalities
  • Meta Model techniques revisited, the Meta Model and Rapport.
  • NLP timeline coaching – Creating past, present and future
  • Using Milton Model language and timelines
  • The major techniques of timeline coaching
  • Creating achievable goals on a timeline
  • Eliciting NLP timelines – Understanding various timeline configurations and structures
  • Technique for resolving anxiety, changing negative emotions and limiting decisions
  • Technique to disconnect and eliminate negative emotion while preserving positive learnings
  • The Model of Robert Diltz, Environment, Procedure, Values and Beliefs
  • Root cause discovery – Discovering unconscious root causes in the past
  • Discovering Significant Emotional Events – Techniques to resolve root cause problems
  • Changing the location of a timeline
  • Timelines and goal settings
  • Design your own own coaching intervention using NLP & timelines
  • Design your own own coaching intervention using NLP & timelines
  • NLP Timeline Coaching
  • Parts integration – technique to resolve inner conflicts
  • The Core of Change Work – technique to achieve a core transformation
  • Milton language pattern practice
  • NLP Meta Programs wrap up
  • Emotional intelligence as a framework for NLP
  • Emotional intelligence and NLP life coaching
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence – The emotional brain IQ versus EQ
  • Applied NLP & EQ: Working with fear, rage, passion, joy
  • Applied NLP & EQ: Emotional habits
  • Applied NLP & EQ: Personal and social competence
  • Applied NLP & EQ: Dealing with emotions
  • Applied NLP & EQ: Dealing with the ego
  • Channeling emotions, moods and behaviors
  • The fifteen core elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Applied NLP and EQ: career success
  • Applied NLP and EQ: health
  • Applied NLP and EQ: relationships
  • Applied NLP and EQ: education
  • EQ based coaching exercises and techniques
  • The Exam, Be Prepared!
  • Setting up a successful NLP coaching business
  • Life Coaching
    • Life / NLP coaching phase 1: First session, setting expectation, gather information, wheel of life, taking care of immediate problems, establishing coach – client relationship, dealing with practical arrangements, getting commitment, dealing with the immediate issue
    • Life / NLP coaching phase 2: What is the problem, design intervention, deliver intervention
    • Life / NLP coaching phase 3: Goals, beliefs, and values
    • Life / NLP coaching phase 4: Resources
    • Life coaching phase 5: Evaluating habits
    • Life / NLP coaching phase 6: Tasks
    • Life / NLP coaching phase 7: Test, future pace, ongoing support, how to create lasting change
  • NLP Milton Model & metaphors
  • Coaching through metaphors
  • Personalizing Therapeutic metaphors
  • Inspiring through metaphors
  • Certification and Celebration!


We train at a Class-A Location in Central Bangkok, Thailand

Who are your NLP Trainers

Your NLP Master Trainers are Natthapatch Danbenchaphan and Niels Ammerlaan. Both personally trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and the President of the Society of NLP, John La Valle.


Upon successful completion of the NLP Master Practitioner Training, you will receive your NLP Certificate, personally signed by Dr. Richard Bandler, John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP, Natthapatch Danbenchaphan and Niels Ammerlaan. The seal of the Society of NLP, guarantees you of authentic NLP Training, quality and life-lasting skills.


This training is inclusive Extensive Manual for your NLP Master Practitioner Certification, a wide choice of extra materials, worksheets, resources and media is shared throughout the progress of the training. Tea, Coffee, Water and Soft drinks are available during the day. Snacks during breaks and well-organized lunch make this training complete.


  • 2 to 5 November 2024 (Part 1)
  • 9 to 12 November 2024 (Part 2)


The total Duration of the NLP Master Practitioner Training is 8 Days. 

We start at 9:00 and run to approximately 18:00. Times may vary as trance does’t hurry 😉

Who should attend

Engineers, Architects, Business Owners, Dentists, Consultants, CEO’s, individuals and everyone who is looking to improving their lives drastically. NLP Practitioner.

Your investment

For a limited time Only, now you can enjoy this NLP Master Practitioner Training and Certification for ฿ 79.000,- instead of ฿ 89.000,-. 


This NLP Master Practitioner Training may cause unexpected happiness, joy, pleasure and wealth. Consult us if you are unsure you can handle these positive life-changes!

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