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  • mind tools corporate training leadership being super boss

    Being Super Boss


    Being Super Boss introduces you to Direct applicable NLP tools for Leaders who want to lead charismatically and develop their teams to new heights. Become a great leader continually sharpen your skills, and maintain the right attitude in every occasion.

  • mind tools corporate training team effectiveness building effective teams

    Building Effective Teams


    Building Effective Teams is about creating effective teams with a clear sense of purpose while building the right context to encourage team members to be empowered, motivated, and challenged utilizing their full potential.

  • mind tools coaching business coaching

    Business Coaching


    Mind Tools Business Coaching – Your unique chance to work with the best Business Professionals with many years of experience. The most important factor in your business are the numbers that show you the results you worked for, hard! If you don’t know your financials, your business is doomed to fail. You’ve got to know what those numbers mean and the best way to predict how they will change in the future. You can’t just rely on your bookkeeper, who has an eye on your past numbers. Instead you’ve got to look at changes in your financials, what they mean, why they happened and how to grow them in the future. We have the Tools, Equipment, Network and Knowledge to enhance your Business with Quick Gains and provide you with Operational, Tactical and Strategical advice to grow your business beyond your own expectation.

  • mind tools corporate training communication communicating effectively

    Communicating Effectively


    Join this world-class training program to master the art of Effective Communication. Learn step-by-step how to broadcast your message successfully to your audience. Learn the art of Subliminal Communication.

  • mind tools corporate training team effectiveness conflict resolution

    Conflict Resolution


    Mind Tools Conflict Resolution Training is designed because the simple fact that conflicts exist and are part of our daily life, both work and personal. Turning different needs, opinions, expectations, and perspectives into commitment and action is the strong ability of high performing leaders. Hands-on techniques and simple tools in this workshop will turn conflict to a win-win situation for anyone.

  • mind tools corporate training professional development five step sales

    Five Step Sales


    Mind Tools Five Step Sales is a two day training based on Neuro Linguistic Programming. Focused on taking participants’ existing sales skills to the next level. Building on their experience as a sales person and knowledge of the sales process and skills, this course will help participants understand the principles of NLP and how they enhance their selling and buying experience.

  • mind tools seminars goal setting in a day

    Goal Setting in a Day


    Goal Setting in a Day is designed for you to get more clarity and to connect between your current situation toward your dreams and  goals in life. Learn your ‘why’ and set a clear ‘what’ you want to achieve in life with us!

  • mind tools corporate training professional development human resources professional

    Human Resources Professional


    Mind Tools Human Resources Professional is ideal if you want to be HR Business Partner, Internal Consultant, and someone who assist the organization to achieve business goals. Our primary mission is attracting, selecting, retaining competence and qualified employees who assist and propel the organization growth.

  • mind tools corporate training communication influencing for success

    Influencing for Success


    Influencing for Success learns you to Act with or without authority at work. Educate yourself in Influencing skills to get people do what you want them to do. Influencing for Success teaches you the Power of Influence without having to push.

  • mind tools corporate training leadership leading through change

    Leading through Change


    It is time for a change in your business. Leading trough Change guarantees you successful results. This unique training helps you in preparation, planning, seeding commitment, building on trust and communication with your team.

  • mind tools coaching life coaching

    Life Coaching


    Mind Tools Life Coaching is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life. If you talk about achieving something, it is a dream. Coaching helps you to achieve and realize that specific dream quickly and achieve your goals more easily.

  • mind tools seminars listen with your heart

    Listen with your Heart


    Listen with your Heart. We are hearing less what is said, we listen badly.. Listening is a critical skill in personal and business life.  Becoming a good listener transforms you to be great communicator. To be really listening, you need practice.