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Train the Trainer

Mind Tools Train the Trainer is a interactive workshop designed for individuals who need to develop training and facilitating skills. This Training results in confidence to facilitate adult training session. You learn how to create course outlines, lesson plans, deliver interactive sessions, develop assessment tools, and engage your participants.

Apply and deploy

Design and Conduct your signature training program with interactive activities.

Train the Trainer

Functional Strategies

Learn and apply effective training and facilitating techniques to engage your participants.


Master your skills with a variety of training tools and techniques

Train the Trainer

What you will learn

  • Growth and Fixed Mindset for learner
  • Training Concept
  • Traditional versus Integrated Training Cycle
  • Adult Learning Style – Andragogy
  • Training Methods
    • The Structured Learning Experience-SLE
    • The Experiential Learning Cycle-ELC 
  • Designing your Course Outline and Lesson Plan
  • Pro and Cons of each Training methodologies
  • Tips & Techniques to design attractive PowerPoint Presentation and visual aids
  • Understand Language, Communication and Behavior
  • Facilitator Techniques
    • Facilitating
    • Presenting
    • Listening
    • Questioning
    • Linking
    • Feed backing
    • Observing
  • Facilitation Techniques
    • How to manage Floor
    • How to manage your Time in the session
    • How to cooperate your team before-during-after training session
  • Story Telling Techniques
  • Energizing activities and Game patterns; how to create it
  • Training evaluation strategy
  • Practice and get live feedback

Train the Trainer


Upon successful completion of the Train the Trainer Training, you will receive your Certificate of Attendance, personally signed by Natthapatch Danbenchaphan. The seal of Mind Tools, guarantees you of the quality Train the Trainer Training provides and life-lasting Business skills.


We train at a Class-A Location in Central Bangkok. The venue will be communicated to you after your registration.

Who is your Trainer

Your trainer is Natthapatch Danbenchaphan with over 15 years of Leadership Skill and Change Management experience. Natthapatch is thoroughly trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a Licensed NLP Master Trainer, internationally recognized by the Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-Founder of NLP. 

This training is inclusive

This training is inclusive with a set of Facilitation Skills Book, Manual of Activities & Games. Together with worksheets, resources and rich media which are shared throughout the progress of this training. Tea, Coffee, Water and Soft drinks are available during the day. Snacks during breaks and well-organized lunch make this training complete.


The Duration of Train the Trainer is 2 Days.

We start at 10:00 and run to 17:00.

Who should attend

New trainers or Experienced trainers who need to enhance their trainer and facilitation skills to the next level.


  • 14 and 15 November 2024

Your investment

You can enjoy Train the Trainer for ฿ 13.995,- (Excluding 7% Value Added Tax)


The Train the Trainer may cause unexpected new insights in how you design and perform your trainings, it will generate you more revenue, leads to sales and increased profits for your business.