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Human Resources Professional

Mind Tools Human Resources Professional is ideal if you want to be HR Business Partner, Internal Consultant, and someone who assists the organization to achieve business goals. Our primary mission is attracting, selecting, retaining competent and qualified employees who assist and propel the organization growth.

Apply and deploy

Apply and deploy HR Tools to align with organization vision, mission, and objectives.

Human Resources Professional

Functional Strategies

Equips you with cutting edge functional strategies for handling real-life HR issues.


Transform yourself to be an HR Business partner as internal consultant.

Human Resources Professional

What you will learn

  • Overview of Human Resource
  • What is Human Resource Development (HRD)?
  • HR Professional’s mindset, competencies and roles
  • Employee life cycle with HR professional work
  • Develop HRD Strategy
    • Meaning & how to define HRD strategy
    • How to link Company vision, mission, and goals to a HRD strategy.
    • Pitfalls of HRD strategy
    • Elements of Human Resource Strategy
    • Attract and Retention strategy
    • Learning and Development
    • Career Path Development
    • Competency Development
    • Performance Management System
    • Talent & Succession Planning
    • Individual Development Program (IDP)
    • Employee Engagement Strategy
    • Manage Generations in the workplace with Human Resource Strategy
    • HR Communication Plan tools and techniques
    • HR metrics to measure HR performance and align with the business.


Upon successful completion of the Human Resources Professional Training, you will receive your Certificate of Attendance, personally signed by Natthapatch Danbenchaphan. The seal of Mind Tools, guarantees you of the quality Human Resources Professional Training provides and life-lasting Business skills.


We train at a Class-A Location in Central Bangkok. The venue will be communicated to you after your registration.

Who is your Trainer

Your trainer is Natthapatch Danbenchaphan with over 15 years of Leadership Skill and Change Management experience. Natthapatch is thoroughly trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a Licensed NLP Master Trainer, internationally recognized by the Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-Founder of NLP. 

This training is inclusive

This training is inclusive set of Step-by-Step HR Communication Plan, HR Metric formula, and real life case studies. Accompanied with worksheets, resources and rich media which are shared throughout the progress of this training. Tea, Coffee, Water and Soft drinks are available during the day. Snacks during breaks and well-organized lunch make this training complete.


The Duration of Human Resources Professional is 2 Days.

We start at 10:00 and run to 17:00.

Who should attend

The Human Resources Professional is designed for every HR professionals who want to be more that HR administrative clerk.


  • 6 and 7 August 2024

Your investment

Now you can enjoy Human Resources Professional for ฿ 11.250,- (Excluding 7% Value Added Tax)


The Human Resources Professional Training may cause unexpected growth for your business, greater HR accomplishments and  more joy and respect shown by your workforce.