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MARCH 2024 BANGKOK - Thailand



Ask yourself: “Who is driving the bus?” Master Skills and Techniques that positively transform how you think and feel. 

Learn how to create freedom, joy, and wealth in your life.


Natthapatch Danbenchaphan and Niels Ammerlaan are your NLP Master Trainers personally trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP.


This NLP Practitioner Training may cause unexpected happiness, joy, pleasure and wealth. Consult us directly if you are unsure how to handle it.

What you will learn – A day by day Layout

  • Meta Model; what, why and how we can gather information.
  • Meta Model Patterns to use daily.
  • Meta Model in relation to the Milton Model.
  • Pacing and Leading. Asking the right questions.
  • Well Formed Outcomes.
  • Association & Disassociation. Activity.
  • Perceptual Positions. Activity.
  • Anchoring – Five key elements.
  • Anchoring – Steps, Creating your anchors.
  • Stacking Anchors – double the power. Activity.
  • Stage, Street and Clinical Hypnosis
  • Milton Ericson in relation to Dr Richard Bandler
  • Dave Elman Induction
  • 101 ways to hypnotize
  • Experience by Doing – Your guide to Happy
  • Anchoring varieties of states. Activity.
  • Chaining Anchors. Activity.
  • Collapsing Anchors. Activity.
  • Change Personal History – working with emotional memories. Activity.
  • Re-Parenting – helping the inner young self. Activity.
  • Swish Patterns Activity.
  • Submodality Mapping – Confusion to Understanding.
  • Working with Strong Emotions or Limiting Beliefs.
  • Double Dissociation & Fast Rewind.
  • Fast Phobia Cure – for Fears & Trauma.
  • Mend A Broken Heart.
  • Working with Dilemmas, Contradictions and Decisions.
  • Visual Squash – Parts Integration. Activity.
  • Certification Exam.
  • Choose Your Favourite Techniques – review and master.
  • Mentoring with the Trainer on how to use NLP after the course.
  • Certification and Celebration!


We train at a Class-A Location in Central Bangkok, Thailand

Who are your NLP Trainers

Your NLP Trainers are Natthapatch Danbenchaphan and Niels Ammerlaan, both personally trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and the President of the Society of NLP, John La Valle.

NLP Certification

Upon successful completion of the NLP Practitioner Training, you will receive your NLP Practitioner Certificate, personally signed by Dr. Richard Bandler, John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP, Natthapatch Danbenchaphan and Niels Ammerlaan. The seal of the Society of NLP, guarantees you of authentic NLP Training, quality and lifelong-lasting skills. NLP Practitioner.

This training Includes

This training includes an extensive manual for your NLP Practitioner Certification, a wide choice of extra materials, worksheets, resources and media are also shared throughout the progress of the training. Tea, Coffee, Water and Soft drinks are available during the day. Snacks during breaks and well-organized lunch make this training complete.

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  • 28 to 31 March 2024 (Part 1)

  • 5 to 8 April 2024 (Part 2)


The total Duration of the NLP Practitioner Training is 8 Days. 

We start at 9:00 and run to approximately 18:00. Times may vary as trance does’t hurry 😉

Who should attend

Engineers, Architects, Business Owners, Dentists, Consultants, CEO’s, individuals and everyone who is looking to improving their lives drastically. NLP Practitioner.

Your investment

For a limited time Only, now you can enjoy this NLP Practitioner Training and Certification for ฿ 79.000,- instead of ฿ 89.000,-. 


This NLP Practitioner Training may cause unexpected happiness, joy, pleasure and wealth. Consult us if you are unsure you can handle these positive life-changes!

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