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Being Super Boss

Learn Directly Applicable NLP tools for Leaders who want to lead charismatically and develop their teams to new heights. Become a great leader and continually sharpen your skills and maintain the right attitude in every situation.


Discover new techniques to manage team dynamics.

Being Super Boss


Understand your team capabilities and Acquire skills for effective delegation.

Being Super Boss


Learn to use specific language patterns to motivate and inspire your workforce.

Being Super Boss

What you will learn

  • Managing your Team’s Mindset.
    • What is your self-belief as a Leader?
    • What is right for you?
  • Understanding the Performance Development Framework.
    • 3 Pillars of Development; Knowledge, Skills, Attitude.
    • As is toward Performance Expectation.
  • Setting clear performance goals with purpose, direction, and clear mile stones.
    • Set Team Vision and objectives.
    • Set Well-Formed Performance  Goals.
    • Develop a ‘Performance Traffic Light’ Dashboard.
    • Creating Plans and Milestones.
  • Profiling your team members
    • Individual Communication Profile; How to communication and motivate individual
    • Identify leadership tools in various situations
  • Leader Language Pattern
    • Understand how language effects behavior.
    • Necessity and Possibility language pattern.
  • Practice Leader Communication Toolkits
    • Team briefing/meeting: the 4P’s team briefing format.
    • Listening technique with empathy and actions.
    • Feedback to create Team Growth Mindset.
    • Delegation and handle Common Objectives.
    • Motivation & Inspiration; Understand the  Hierarchy of wants and needs to motivate and inspire your team.
    • Conduct Effective Performance Reviews.

Being Super Boss


Upon successful completion of the Being Super Boss Training, you will receive your Certificate of Attendance, personally signed by Natthapatch Danbenchaphan. The seal of Mind Tools, guarantees you of the quality Communicating Effectively Training provides and life-lasting Business skills.


We train at a Class-A Location in Central Bangkok. The venue will be communicated to you after your registration.

Who is your Trainer

Your trainer is Natthapatch Danbenchaphan with over 15 years of Leadership Skill and Change Management experience. Natthapatch is thoroughly trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a Licensed NLP Master Trainer, internationally recognized by the Society of NLP and Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-Founder of NLP. 

This training is inclusive

The Being Super Boss Training is inclusive an Extensive set of Management and Communication toolkits; A Personal and Team Communication Assessment Test, Individual Communication Profiles and Communication Templates. Accompanied with worksheets, resources and rich media which are shared throughout the progress of this training. Tea, Coffee, Water and Soft drinks are available during the day. Snacks during breaks and well-organized lunch make this training complete.

Who should attend

C-Level Executives, Business Leaders, Captains of Industry Managers, Supervisors, and HR Professionals


  • 12 and 13 June 2024


The total Duration of Being Super Boss is 2 Days. 

We start at 10:00 and run to approximately 17:30.

Your investment

Now you can enjoy Being Super Boss Training for ฿ 7.600,-. (Excluding 7% Value Added Tax)