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NLP Meta Program Chunk Size

The NLP Meta Program Chunk Size let’s you understand the hierarchy of it and as well how to recognize and use it. Let’s start with a description that will make you clear what the NLP Meta Program Chunk Size is all about. Imagine the Earth, the earth is divided by land and oceans. The land is divided by continents. Continents on their turn are divided by countries. A country has cities. Cities have roads and homes. One of those roads leads to your home. Your home has rooms. This room has stuff in it. At least this room has walls. These walls are made of something solid. This solid part contains carbon. The demonstration we make here is that there is a sort-order from world view up until the smallest particle we are able to recognize.

It is how we See the World

So we are able to see the world and we are able to see the smallest part of it and everything in between. In other words, the conclusion is simple. We are able in our communication with ourselves and with others to move up towards the worldly-view and we are able to zoom in to the smallest part of the detail. Welcome to the wonderful world of the NLP Meta Program Chunk Size.

So, how do we recognize this pattern?

Good question! Ever experienced having a conversation with someone and they kept on discussing more details of details? Or, ever experienced a conversation about details that moved up to reorganizing the world? And even this one; ever experienced a discussion that started with cars and ended up with details about Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota, Suzuki, Isuzu, Opel and so on? Welcome, you discovered another part.

Chunking appears in three ways. The first (or the last) is chunking up. The second is chunking sideways. And the third one (or the first one) is chunking down.
This is what we call chunking. Up, down, or sideways.

Now what do you benefit from it?

Well, there are several parts to that. First, if you are in a conversation with someone and for example you discussing the plate on your table. 

You want to say something about the food on the table. Now, directly switching from the plate to the food, would be maybe a step to quick. So to maintain rapport and understanding from both sides you switch from the plates to the table setting. You say something nice about it. From the table setting to the food, you move the attention from the table to the food and say something remarkable about it.


You switched up from the plates to the table and then moved to the food. Maintaining the good feeling of the discussing, leading the other person into something you want to tell. For the listening and understanding ears with us; this is called Omni-directional Chunking. And the beauty of it is, it works two ways!

Of course an exercise, it is naturally occurring.

Now, you reading this far already states that you recognize yourself in what is written above. The next time you are in a conversation with anyone, you consciously migrate the conversation from one to another subject. You do it by gradually chunking up or down the information you are talking about.

Once you chunked up enough, you make a side-step. A side step towards the subject you want to discuss. And then, and only then, you deepen the conversation into the subject you want to talk about in detail.

For your Information

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Last but not Least

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