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NLP Self Awareness – Use your Brain for Change

Self-awareness is the ability to think about how you think. It’s the ability to have feelings about your feelings. To have opinions about your opinions. To have reasons about your reasons ‘why’

We as humanity have 3 main parts in our life, that we all have in common:

  • The Public Person: Work, spouse, friends, hobbies 
  • The Private Person: Care, relationships, interests
  • The Secret Person: Feelings, thoughts and triggers

Enrich your emotional intelligence and greater empathy and listening skills day by day. Improve your critical-thinking skills and decision making skills. Learn to get in touch with yourself instantly. Yet, how do you learn self-awareness? Or even more abstract if the first question already dazzled you, how do you teach self-awareness? How do you become more self-aware? I know what you’re thinking right now. “How do you know that you are learn, teach and experience self-awareness?” But seriously, it can be taught and practiced like anything else. 

In everything we do there is almost nothing physical that stays with us for our life. Once we have achieved something we move on to the next point we are working on. It is a merry-go-round of starting and ending activities in life. One tool stays with us from start to end. It is our Brain. And the first thing you become aware of now is that you are able to use your brain for a change. NLP Self Awareness.

Thinking about your brain right now, it does help to explain your brain has two types of chemicals. Good-ones and bad-ones. And the beauty is that you need them both. Too much of one will result in either being overly happy or on the other hand terminally sad.  Knowing now your brain has these chemicals you are aware now of the fact the brain is bi-polar by nature. Good cannot exist without bad. Black cannot exist without white. Left is not there as there is no right.

Let’s put it this way, bad thoughts lead to bad feelings and on their turn turn into bad chemicals. Your blood pressure rises, you start to feel off feeding the beginning of the cycle enhancing the bad thoughts. 

So if this is true, the opposite must be true too. Left still exists as right there is, isn’t it? Good thoughts lead to good feelings. 

Constructive actions, the feeling of being proud of your results contribute to good chemicals feeding the beginning of the cycle again enhancing the progress you make. Before you know you go “Yeehaa!!!” You reached the state of flow, or being in the ‘Groove’ as musicians call it. Summarizing this part for you is best described as: shitty thoughts, shitty results, happy thoughts in, happy results out. Are you with me?

Becoming self-aware is nothing more than designing your thoughts inside your mind. Let’s put it this way and ask yourself the question now: 

“What is withholding me now to design my brain in such a way as I design my living room?” 

Be honest about it. Most of the time the quality of our thinking is nothing more than a cluster-fuck of bad chemicals and unorganized thoughts. Being and becoming self-aware about this now helps you to get started having better thoughts and so better chemicals resulting in a more happy and self-aware life don’t you?

Let’s make a sidestep to goal setting  and how you set your goals. Do you do? Do you set goals for yourself? In my practice as a coach I meet a lot of people who are disappointed by setting goals and not reaching them. Even to the point they stop setting goals because they know upfront they do not meet their goals, their standards and their desires. They lack the ability to vividly hallucinate their dreams

Two things are in play here. First of all ‘Goal-Setting’ nowadays is a buzzword. One thing I would lecture and teach in elementary school is how proper goal setting works. Before we can set a goal we need to determine the role of the goal. Is it the end-station in our life? No, it is not. It is merely a signpost of success we float through and celebrate the moment we achieve it. It is the same as running a project. Once the deliverable is met, you move on. The same is with goals. Setting your goals goes hand in hand with the desire you have towards it.

Do you desire to reach your goal? Do you visualize your desire to reach your goal? Are you aware of how proud you will be the moment you reached your goal? Do you truly desire? Just some questions to trigger you to generate good thoughts, a well designed outcome and the happiness state that comes with it.

Now back to the clients I meet having trouble setting goals. They have one thing in common. They lack to have a Vision and they have the desire to reach their goal, yet they lack the proper attitude to just do it.

Do you ask yourself questions like: “What is the legacy I leave this world the moment I go?” Even my goal now writing this article is making you aware that I will leave this message as my legacy to this world intending some words land in your mind and start to work their ways out in your brain you becoming more self-aware and take action, right now.

Do you have a Vision? Did you design your vision as a fashion designer or as an architect? Start to ask yourself the example questions I already gave you. And maybe travel inside your mind to the end of your life. Turn around and start looking back at your life. What have you done, what have you achieved? Did you plan the outcome of all your activities? At least this little exercise helps you become more self-aware about becoming successful in your life.

So as you become more self-aware about your tool, your brain, it is a no-brainer that you need to invest time and energy to understand your brain. Realize, it is your brain, you have only one and you are the one who can develop it up until unlimited potential. As my teacher, Dr Richard Bandler once said: “Your brain works faster than you think.” 

In our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training we teach you how to control your own brain. How to control your state. How to keep your eye on the prize and reach your goal. It helps you to increase your effectiveness as a human being. It learns you to know your positive intention for the message you want to convey, either to yourself or to others.

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