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The NLP Meta Model Chunked Up

Now you have learned all about the Meta-Model and how to learn more about the Deep Structure of people’s experiences, you will probably want to use what you know about the Meta-Model to help people find more behavioral options for themselves. Remember that the Meta-Model consists out of 3 parts: Deletion, Distortion and Generalization. This is a great intention and you are recommended you do so as you start to have fun with it already. Also remember that you are working with changing minds here. And this remark is meant in both ways. One – The minds you are working with will be changing all the time, almost just by virtue of your asking certain questions in certain ways. Two – you are working to directly change minds.

Chunking Up

Think of this all not only to be applicable to therapy, but it certainly can be. After all that is where the Meta Model came from, but it is not as though we cannot use it to be more effective in lots of other areas. If you are doing therapy or hypnosis, make sure you are licensed accordingly wherever you live. Think of all the applications possible in business sense, it can be used with family and friends to have them feel better faster, to debate topics, to find out people’s limiting beliefs and to find out what people are really thinking. The NLP Meta Model Chunked Up.

NLP trained people talk a great deal about ecology associated with personal changes. In logical terms, you are asking a truth-table questions like “What would happen if you did?”, “What would happen if you did not?”, “What would not happen if you did?” and “What would not happen if you did not?”, so to cover all your bases. That is most of it. Before helping someone with an undetermined change, ask the above four questions and find out first if it is a useful change for them. And if you do not know what they mean, just ask them: The NLP Meta Model Chunked Up.

“What do you mean, specifically!”

Last but not Least

Remember, to increase your efficiency as a NLP Practitioner, know your positive intention for the message you want to convey, build rapport and pay attention on what and how you use language. Leave people and business in a better place that where you found them, every day!

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