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In is Out! A Try-out in If you like to the out-side-in.

In is Out! What is in yesterday is out today. Not only with food, yet many aspects in life follow this principle. Last year’s clothing what was in, is out now. And on the other hand what comes out now may me in tomorrow. So we organize our lives by in and out and it is a merry-go-round of inside-out to the outside in.

Feeding your inner makes your outer shine. And when you control of your inner your outer will follow. It becomes more complicated when you look into your inner from the outside. Techniques that are in now may work its way out yet the question is how do you get it from the outside in?

From the Outside In

A great example is cosmetic lotions. Advertisements and marketing show you the outside of the skin making the inside glow. Is that true? Well in essence it is, yet in each and every individual it works it way out the different way. It depends on how the inside of the individual is organized towards the outside. Are you with me?

Take this short story inside

So what is out tomorrow is in today. The constant evolvement of products, ways of thinking you are having a daily task to take in what is out and to throw out you do not want to take in.

Now taking this this short story in from the outside in makes you think on the inside how will it work its way out from the inside out. And that is a proper conclusion. Taking this story as input to output new ideas would be a beginning. So now you are in your inside reading outer sentences about the inside out, take it from the outside in so you can digest it easily.

An intake is a different aspect and triggers several other different aspects. Would an out take exist? Or what do you take out from it? Can you take something out of an intake? Of course you can. You can also take someone out for a date or take in in confidence the things you say out loud for that person to listen into.

In is OUT!

So maybe what is in yesterday is out today, yet I want you from the inside out to realize how we take things in. And if you took them in, can you take them out? Or if you are taking them out can you take things in again?

From my inside through the inside out I want you to take in to make this the best day yet to come.

I wish you an inside-out-in day.

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