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NLP Life Coaching

It will be nice if we have a personal NLP Life Coach. We all need that mentor, guidance counselor, outside advisor or personal life coach. First of all, your personal NLP Life coach helps you how to see the world around us. Many times we have our blinders on and can only see one small piece of the pie. Coaches have the ability to see things from 30,000 feet while the best you can do is live on the runway of life. Individual Coaching can add many benefits to your life. At Gateway to Knowledge we have specialists in Individual Life Coaching. Even the best in the world use coaches. Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Brett Favre and many others all have benefited from having individual life coaching. Many people do not even understand what it is. Individual Life Coaching is much different than counseling.

Most important, counseling focuses on the past and tries to analyse all the things that have happened to you. Personal Life Coaching is much more forward momentum focused.  The philosophy is much more about helping you get unstuck out of your rut. You gain help to focus on the steps you can take to get your life moving forward. NLP Life Coaching.

Here are three direct areas that we believe you will benefit from personal life coaching:

Personal Life Coaching brings you Clarity

Most of all your Personal Life Coaching sessions helps you bring amazing clarity into your life. By asking right questions at the right time that will reveal your true heart and desires. NLP Life Coaching.

Personal Life Coaching provides you Accountability

While your Personal Life Coaching sessions provide you support, encouragement, and accountability that you need to get things done. Take action to achieve your desires. NLP Life Coaching. 

Personal Life Coaching results in Confidence

In conclusion, once your desire is clear with accountability, your personal life coach will support you to eliminate your fear of failure. NLP Life Coaching.

Our Values and Beliefs in Personal Life Coaching

We believe that there must be a match between the client and coach. Therefore we arrange a free intake of one and a half hour. In that period of time both parties have the fair chance to see if the required coaching-style matches the personal requirements. Make an appointment with one of our Individual Coaches today. Experience the individual coaching power of Education Gateway and make your step to the next level!

Our Coaches educate themselves directly with the source, Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming. They have earned their stripes in the field of high-performance coaching with top achievers and captains of industry in their field. Contact Us for a free consultation on your need of a Personal Life Coach.

Interested in becoming a Personal Life Coach?

Mind Tools provides NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Trainings and Certifications. We educate you according to the renowned, latest and highest standards set by the Society of NLP. We will train you thoroughly in all the corners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and some extras we learned from Richard Bandler directly.